3 Key Elements to Improve Your Website

2 min read
December, 1 2013

Looking at any website, there is always room for improvement. All companies struggle with some part of their marketing, such as website traffic, content creation, lead generation, or conversion rates. By implementing 3 key elements, calls to action (CTAs), landing pages, and blogging, your website will succeed and crush the competition.

Improve your website and beat out the competition!

Call To Action (CTA)

Calls to Actions (CTAs) are links and/or images throughout your website in which you drive traffic to your lead-generating landing pages. It is very important to have CTAs on every page of your website in order to improve your website. Here are some key points to remember while making your CTA:

Clearly describe what you are offering and make it action oriented. You can begin the CTA with an action verb, such as "download", "learn", or "register". Place CTAs above the fold, allowing visitors to view them without having to scroll down the page. Finally, make sure they stand out! You want to create an eye catching CTA so it does not blend in with the rest of the page

Landing Pages

Landing pages are where you get leads; prospects will learn about what you have to offer, and fill out a form to receive that offer. Therefore, you must create a valuable offer that your audience will find relevant to see a return from your landing page. Your landing page must explain the benefits the customer is getting in exchange for their contact information.

The information on the landing page should be in bulleted points making it easy for someone to quickly skim the information.

Prospects generally don't have time to read through lengthy landing pages to find out what is really being offered.

With that, you should also have a short, rather than long, form with less than 7 fields. Only ask for information that will help you qualify the lead.


Blog writing is one of the most important ways to improve your website, yet it is often overlooked due to time restrictions. People often find they do not have the time to think of blog topics and write the blogs. Unfortunately, they are missing out on a valuable way to improve their website and inbound marketing.

The main goal of blogging is to get relevant content out and to get found by people looking for related information. This builds trust and credibility with your website visitors, which will eventually convert to leads.